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Our EKO Material

Sugarcane Bagasse

This sustainable material is 100% compostable and biodegradable as it is made of natural fibers and these fibers came from the waste of the process of extracting sugar from its cane. Sugarcane is a tall, fast growing grass that has lots of material waste after they have been extracted the sugar and this is what makes this material ideal to be used in disposable tableware.


Moreover it has very good and useful qualities as it is liquid resistant and it tolerates very well hight or very low temperatures.

It is no necessary to separate it to be recycled, just throw it in the regular food waste container and it will be totally decomposed after 90 days.

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Through design we want to provide an extra value to ordianary objetcs such as bowls for take away or small cocktail dishes. Our aim is to enhance the user´s experience with a good looking, functional and 100% ecological piece where the act of eating is a pleasure.


Our mision is to contribuite in the end of the single use of plastic in sectors as food delivery or catering where big amounts of pieces are disposed every day.

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