Redefine The Modern Table

"I think I am more like a minimalist person, I like things that are quiet, pure and graphic but sensual and organic at the same time. I like to push a little bit the boundary, both in life and work, and that´s what identifies me."


Ana Roquero, CEO & designer of Cookplay

Since 2014 we look towards a near future of new habits and meals with a deeper aware of our environment, therefor our porcelain products designed to last and remain with us are being extended into biodegradable materials that allow the new needs to keep having in Cookplay a place for expression and design.

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About Cookplay

Cookplay is a new-coming basque editor created by the designer Ana Roquero to redefine the modern table offering a more creative and fresh tableware by being closer to the sensibility  of the new food culture. Everything started winning a Red Dot Design Award for the design of a shell-like looking plate ergonomic in the hand and now 5 years later Cookplay is known as the tableware brand of cutting-edge design, presented in more than 60 countries and achieving numerous worldwide awards in different areas such as design, business and hospitality.