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is a project that began in our origins where we can express our love for nature and our respect for the environment with a genuine willingness to contribute in lessening the use of plastic and helping our planet heal with 100% ecological products designed to answer the current needs of tableware for events, meetings, picnics, celebrations and takeaway.

Every year we actively work to provide sustainable soloutions with a good and innovative design to be the change we want to see in the food industry, specially in sectors such as food delivery, caterings, colectivituies etc. where the amount of waste generated everyday is massive and many times it is not recycled.


At the moment, the only ecological alternative for disposable containers that is 100% biodegradable come from natural fibers such as sugarcane pulp, wheat, etc... that degrade in 90 days in our organic waste at home. Other alternatives are not easy to recycled as they combine various material or they only degraded by industrial composters.

Change for Sustainability.

Ana Roquero

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